I'm a freelance journalist based in Budapest, Hungary. I write mostly on geopolitics and the media narratives that dominate. I have lived and traveled extensively in the US, Russia, Germany and Hungary. 

I studied political reporting at the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism and also have degree in business studies and German from Trinity College Dublin. 

My byline has most recently appeared in The Nation, Russia Direct, Rethinking Russia, Salon, TeleSUR, RT, The BRICS Post and others. 

I speak semi-decent German and am embroiled in a many-years-long, love-hate battle with the Russian language, which I love (most days).


Без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда...

I occasionally work on copy-writing and editing projects. I take a lot of pictures of my dog, and other things. But mostly the dog.

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